Drink for a good cause at this cocktail event

A band of bartenders is rallying behind chef Sebastian Tan of Strangers’s Reunion—who was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer—in a one-night-only event, Just One Shift 2, on Dec 21 at Club 39 from 8pm. 

The Malaysian chef’s plight went viral last week, with Stranger’s Reunion and Curious Palette opening its doors on Tuesdays to help raise funds for his treatments. Now, Andrew Yap of Neon Pigeon and Mark Graham Thomas of Club 39 have brought together 12 bartenders including Jeremy Chua and Zachary de Git from 28 HongKong Street, Stuart Danker from Sugarhall and Naz Arjuna from Bitters & Love. Drinks will be sold at $15 and all proceeds will go towards the cause. 

Want to do your bit for chef Sebastian Tan? Visit the Stranger’s Reunion Facebook for more details.