Eat and play real-life Cluedo with this theatrical dining experience

If you like your meals entertaining, prepare for a dramatic experience five times over. Local nomadic theater group And So Forth is back with their pop-up theatrical feasts—a blissful marriage of good food, storytelling and stellar performing. This August, their latest story The Imaginarium of Disco David takes diners on a five-room adventure for a multi-dimensional dining experience.  

Set in a secret location (which guests will only be informed of 24 hours before the show), the story weaves through five psychedelic spaces filled with interactive details, mystical characters and an overarching storyline surrounding the mysterious character David. Delivering on his name, Disco David promises some delirious dancing as well, so don’t forget your dancing shoes. And of course, there’s the food—a four-course meal served imaginatively, befitting the atmosphere.

The Imaginarium of Disco David premieres Aug 25, and will run Fridays and Saturdays for three months. Tickets start from $98 per person here