Learn all about Peranakan culture through a smorgasbord of workshops, tastings, exhibitions and a special performance over high tea

Ask yourself this—beyond the batiks, tok panjangs and ayam buah keluak, how much do you know about the Peranakan culture? If you find yourself scratching your head and wondering, then you should make your way to Singapore’s first Peranakan Festival, happening over four weekends on May 27-Jun 17 at Claymore Connect (442 Orchard Rd.).

The festival opens with Dondang Sayang, a love ballad and traditional form of entertainment performed by Baba and Nonya singers, who’ll exchange witty and humorous rounds of Malay pantun (poetry). Otherwise, you can get your hands dirty and learn the secrets of oh-so-Peranakan dishes like Nasi Ulam (rice salad of raw herbs and vegetables, fried and salted fish) at cooking workshops ($50). There are also other Peranakan art and craft workshops like stamp carving, silk screen printing and book cover art-making. Of course, if you’re there to sate your love for Peranakan snacks, there’ll be an entire showcase of traditional eats (think ondeh-ondeh, kueh bingka ubi and kueh pi tee) for you to taste over the month-long festival.

But one of the biggest highlights of the festival has to be the weekend Peranakan Joget Joget High Tea at The Peranakan restaurant, a cute, retro-looking space that resembles an old, opulent Baba residence. Here, you'll be entertained by one of Singapore's most celebrated performing arts group while being served favorites like mee siam, kueh pi tee and nasi ulam, accompanied by Malacca kopi-o and Malacca milk tea.

For more information and a full line-up of activities, click here.