Get a glimpse into historic City Hall and Supreme Court for the first and last time

You’ve probably have sat on its iconic steps or posed for a picture or two between its classical columns but do you know what lies inside? For two days only, on Oct 9-10, you can catch a first and last glimpse of the former Supreme Court and City Hall buildings before they are transformed into a new visual arts institution.

These two iconic and historical buildings will soon undergo conservation and adaptive reuse to be transformed into The National Art Gallery of Singapore.

The National Art Gallery Open House will feature guided tours into never-seen-before spaces within these buildings such as the Chief Justice’s Chamber, its basement holding cells and the Rotunda LIbrary; screenings of specially-curated Asian films in the historic City Hall Chambers as well as displays of the future National Art Gallery.

There will also be a range of activities – from flea markets and snack fairs, to interactive art activity corners for kids.

Admission is free.