Get your party on at Singapore Art Museum before it closes in March

Set some time aside for the second Friday of the next three months—the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) is launching a new monthly program that extends into the wee hours of the night, before it closes for 1.5 months in preparation for the next exhibition.

The main building at SAM is currently closed for development, which has left SAM at 8Q to hold down the fort the past few months. But come mid-March that will be shut too, to facilitate the installation of the next exhibition, Imaginarium.

Hence the need for a proper send-off bash. Kicking off Jan 12, and subsequently happening on Feb 9 and Mar 9, SAM Late Nights is set to make an artsy alternative to your usual Friday night clubbing. The museum will be offering free entry to all (foreigners included) from 6pm on the three nights, on top of the free entry Singaporeans and PRs already enjoy. Opening hours are till 9pm as per usual on Fridays, but visitors are free to hang out till much later with the activities happening outside, once the gallery is closed.

As part of SAM Late Nights, visitors will enjoy free admission to SAM’s ongoing exhibition—Cinerama: Art and the Moving Image in Southeast Asia—during opening hours. And forget meeting the MP. Meet the curator of the exhibition instead, who will share bite-sized introductions of selected artworks, making for time saved for those who can’t afford a full (ticketed) tour.  

In addition, live visual and music performances by local musicians and sonic artists. Keeping in theme with the Cinerama exhibition, the pop-up performances at the 8Q Plaza will be linked to video loops and live visual projections, extending the audio-visual experience for all. Local producer Evanturetime (Evan Low) will take the stage for the very first session on Jan 12; Amon Wong ft. Ffion and Canvas Conversations will perform in Feb and Mar respectively. And once the museum closes at 9pm, Standing Sushi Bar will sell food, craft beers and wine, to make it a real party.

SAM Late Nights happens Jan 12Feb 9 and Mar 9 at SAM at 8Q, 8 Queen Street, Singapore 188535. More info here