Your HDB estate is getting some high brow art in August

You might just be welcoming local comedians into your house at this year’s Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA). Currently in its second year (since its revamp), the festival will be happening for seven weeks from Aug 6Sept 20 and this time, it won’t just be taking place at the usual few theaters. 

One of the festival highlights is Open Homes, a theater performance that will literally be taking place in people’s homes. Some 10 artists will be doing their rounds, transforming your living room in to their stage. The heartland performances won’t only be restricted to your living rooms, of course. There’ll also be a bunch of traveling comedians, including veterans like Kumar, Koh Chieng Mun and Zaleha Hamid, who will be hitting four HDB estates and performing the show Living Together at the void decks of  selected blocks. 

Heartland performances aside, the festival that’s directed by Ong Keng Sen will consist of 19 main shows including Mandarin musical Nanyang that tells the story of Singapore’s Nanyang Artists and is set in the 1940s, and a dance number by local dance pioneer Goh Lay Kuan; it’s also going to be her first work in 20 years.

The pre-festival engagement event, the O.P.E.N consists of film screenings, performances, concerts and talks and will be taking place from Jun 17-Jul 4. Tickets to SIFA will go on sale on Apr 8. Head here for more updates.