Kick it old school at these 'hoods and discover what you don't know about them.

Most of us grew up in heartland estates, with old school mosaic-style playgrounds. Some of us were even lucky enough to live in really colorful flats. With Singapore Design Week in full swing and Oh! Open House doing an interactive play and a tour at Potong Pasir, it's high time we chilled at these neighborhoods. 

No Man's Land (Mar 6-Apr 10)

If you missed the first edition of No Man's Land, which is this super secret and cool interative play, you can attend it again from V-Day onwards (possible idea for a date, maybe?). You have to figure out what's going on based on the clues in a hotel room, and learn about the history of the area along the way. Viewers will also confront issues like racism, and have to separate fact from fiction. 

Oh! Potong Pasir, Director's Cut (Mar 12)

Oh Open House is doing what they do best; they got artists who use the creative spaces in Potong Pasir to unearth stories, and are bringing people on a special tour, where you'll not only get to experience the artwork and stories, but also get some extra content at a secret pitstop. The first tour starts at 2pm and the last one sets off at 8pm, and it's $47.40 per person. There are normal tours, too, on Mar 13, 19, 20, 26, and 27. Register here.

Singaplural Dakota Adventures Walking Tour (Mar 13)

Part of Singapore Design Week's flagship event, Singaplural, the first official walking tour open to the public has the Ah Mas and Ah Gongs of Dakota Crescent taking you through these flats before they move out in 2016. It's on Mar 12 from 9-12pm, so get your tickets ($35 each) before it's too late. 

Singaplural Geylang Adventures Walking Tour (Mar 13)


Even though it's got a reputation for being a red light district, we love Geylang for its food. And Singaplural is adding a lot more coolness to this place by engaging with the creatives who live here. Most of the work they get up to has got to do with the five senses, so you can experience the full range with their workshops, too. It costs $40 and is from 2-5pm. Tickets can be purchased here.