The I-S Itinerary for WalkaboutSG 2014

The largest open house in Singapore, WalkaboutSG, is happening this Friday the 13th (1pm to 5pm), but with 80 hot start-ups and familiar names to visit in a day, you’re gonna have to choose wisely. Sadly, tickets for special events with the folks of places like Facebook, Pay Pal, Google and Peatix are virtually sold out, but you can still join in the fun. Follow our gameplan to say hi to the coolest kids on the block.


Location/Area: #06-26 Block 71, Ayer Rajah Crescent

So what’s ReferralCandy about and how does it work? “Suppose you run an online store. ReferralCandy allows you to automate your own customer referral program. After customers make a purchase, they’re given a referral coupon to share with friends. When their friends make purchases, the customer gets referral rewards.” explains co-founder Dinesh Raju. Find out more in this interview.

Location/Area: #01-20/21 Block 71, Ayer Rajah Crescent

You know what they say: When in Rome. Forget about hotels and all the tourist traps when traveling. Instead, be a guest at the homes and spaces that belong to local hosts in Asia Pacific. Don’t expect just the regular stuff, you could very well be staying in a quirky little loft or a fancy private villa. The best part? New friends and insider tips on what’s good in Foreignland.

Location/Area: #03-14 Block 71, Ayer Rajah Crescent

Selling stuff online just got easier. This new app follows a simple “Snap-List-Sell” concept and buyers make purchases by chatting with sellers. No muss, no fuss.


The Co-Foundry
Location/Area: Lorong 24A, Unit 11, Geylang

Got a startup and need some advice? Certainly wouldn’t hurt. Or maybe you wanna be on the other side, helping build startups and seeing them grow. Then check out The Co-Foundry.

Location/Area: 13 Lorong 24A, Geylang

This travel-centric site focuses on offbeat activities and experiences in places around Asia, including bar crawls with food writers in Singapore, visiting a “Cat Village” in Hou Tong, Taiwan, and touring Japan’s Iriomote Island… on a stand up paddleboard.


Pirate 3D
Location/Area: 2A Pahang St., Mountbatten

Two words: 3D printers. Want one? Wanna find out more? Sure, it’s made affordable and accessible, thanks to these guys.


22 Experience: Adult Playground
Location/Area: 113 Somerset Rd., National Youth Council Academy, The Hub

This isn’t a naughty website, we promise. Instead, 22Experience is all about unique experiences and Singapore’s hidden gems and offbeat activities. Currently, we see stuff like kiteboarding in Bintan and stand up paddleboard yoga, which are pretty normal in our opinion, but hopefully things get more intriguing as time goes by.


Location/Area: #03-32, 261 Waterloo St., Smartspace

These guys take private events and catering to a whole new level. If they sound familiar, that’s because they were the masterminds behind Nordic Lights, a special molecular gastronomy feast where diners gathered to eat in subzero temperatures. They also offer themed private dining packages such as a Balinese roasted suckling pig feast ($285), or an exotic wild game meal featuring South African bush meats like crocodile, antelope and ostrich. Read more about them here.

Singapore still has ways to go before it becomes an established Asian Silicon (V)alley, according to co-organizer Kristine Lauria. Read her interview.