Edgy gallery Kult is opening its own cafe with a two-day party

Well this is pretty exciting: street art gallery Kult is opening its own cafe and art space. They kick things off next weekend with a two-day party happening Dec 12-13 from 5pm-10pm. The new Kult Kafe will showcase some work by Ben Frost, TONO, Boyane, Kristal Melson and lots more, so come and take in the many styles that make up this cool creative space.

On Dec 12, and there will be Archipelago beer, wines and ciders, spoken word performances by Deborah Emmanuel, and some music from B. Bravo from San Francisco, who will be playing modern funk tunes. You can also grab some chicken wings from Wings World BBQ.

On Sunday, the party moves to Emerald Hill, with the same food and drinks, with DJ Captain Planet (who wrote music for Orange is the New Black), along with supporting acts like DJ Shellsuit and Stew Bamrah.