Gather up your friends for this 40% off deal.

Two weeks ago, we briefly touched on the annual pilgrimage to The Meadow at Gardens by the Bay as one of the music festivals to kick off the New Year. Now, we have a date—it’s happening on Jan 21 next year—and the details on how you can get your hands on some super early bird tickets.

The huge music spectacle that sees a potpourri of music lovers, festival-goers and hipsters alike coming together for one reason is celebrating their seventh year in 2017. In the spirit of numbers, the organizers are offering 50 sets of special “Lucky 7” ticket bundles; each is priced at $777 and contains seven tickets that will be available everyday for seven days, from Sep 7-13.

That’s $111 a pop; a whooping 40% off the original $185 regular ticket price. Sure, the line-up won’t be out until Sep 14 (mark your calendars!), but they’ve already wowed us year-in and year-out, with this year seeing the best of Grimes, Beach House and the unforgettable Flume. We just hope that they’ll abolish that new no re-entry rule because sometimes, we just need to take a break from all that energy sprawled across 22,000 sq. meters of greenery.

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