Lepark’s Getai music festival is back in another cozy Chinatown location

The popular Getai concert series returns on May 7 and 8 with Getai Soul but this time, the heritage-themed music festival is leaving the gritty-chic rooftop of People’s Park Complex and making cool another humble neighborhood hangout.

A total of 16 local and regional musicians will be performing jazz, soul and funk tunes at the leafy surrounds of Pearl Hilly City Park. fans can look forward to Charlie Lim & The Mothership, The Steve Mcqueens, Dru Chen, Tim De Cotta & The Warriors, with artists from Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan. The event also features cultural troupes like Siong Leng Music Association, Sin Ee Lye Heng Teochew Puppetry Troupe and a Cantonese opera performance.
Besides offering concert-goers a hearty dose of culture, Getai Soul will have visual arts installations, experimental exhibitions, DJ sets and food stalls. Tickets range from $48 for one day to $78 for two days. More updates can be found on the event’s Facebook page