Local candle-makers want you to set baby heads on fire this Halloween

Some people just like to see the world, or in this case babies, burn. Only during Halloween, though, hopefully. This Halloween, local indie candle brand Hush Candle is releasing Hush Little Baby candles that are every bit as creepy as they sound. Inspired by the notorious haunted dolls of horror cinema, the candles are modeled after a baby doll’s head, and painstakingly created through a custom blend of premium soy wax and essential oils.

At $59 a head, these are expensive infants, but a burn time of up to 60 hours ensures you get your fill of morbid entertainment. Individually crafted, each waxy baby head melts into a unique pattern, so no two sets of deformities are the same. Are they screaming? Are they crying? Will they come back to haunt you when they’ve been burnt down to the wick? You’ll never know. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any more bizarre, you can choose to have your baby burn in either Lemongrass or Lavender scents—Hush Candle’s signature top-sellers. Perfect.

These babies are currently available online throughout the month of October, should you want to pick one up for Halloween deco, a peculiar friend, or just to keep casually on your shelf. Let’s just hope none of them belong to Rosemary.