This local sex workers’ rights group is throwing their first-ever fundraising dinner

Local sex worker advocate group Project X Singapore has been around for almost a decade, and has since played a huge part in building a fair and safe sex industry for everyone, including the sex workers themselves. They’ve done many projects to share their stories so that they can raise awareness about the sex workers and their conditions (check out the recent collaboration with local Facebook LGBT group, Dear Straight People)Come Mar 3, which is also International Sex Workers Rights Day, Project X will be organizing their inaugural fundraising dinner at the pretty, garden-themed restaurant Blisshouse. 

The theme of this dinner is set to Katy Perry’s very distinctive, fun hit, “California Gurls”, so think bright purple or blue hair and tutu dresses covered in cotton candies when you’re picking what to wear. Highlights include a forum-theater inspired performance, a lucky draw and… an “auction” to win a one-to-one date with one of the team members (Sherry Sherqueshaa). Food-wise, the restaurant will be serving halal and vegatarian options to cater to everyone’s needs. Also exciting: the various team team members (includes former and current sex workers) will attempt to accomplish challenges like trying out what it’s like to be vegan even though she’s a huge meat-lover, conquering the GX-5 Extreme Swing and kayaking. If you want to give additional support, here’s a quick breakdown of how the donation money will help: $10 will help to pay for 144 condoms, $40 will help support a sharing session with the community and $150 will sponsor a skills building workshop.

Tickets are going for $68 (for sex workers) and $98. You can find out more here.