Master your kitchen skills at these culinary workshops in Singapore

The festive season is almost here, and that means loads of house parties. In case you are hosting one and planning to cook for your guests, you can check out these culinary and brewing workshops to take your kitchen skills to the next level.

The Art of Japanese Food: Gyoza

If gyozas are on your Christmas dinner menu, then this two-hour workshop is for you. There are so many ways to cook gyozas, but here, you’ll learn how to make these unique, healthier versions of Japanese-style dumplings from scratch. The host will also bring you through her passion for Japanese health and nutrition where you’ll learn about ingredients that the Japanese usually use for their cooking.

When: Dec 3
Where: River Valley Road
How much: $15

Culinary journey to the Middle East

Hosted by lawyer-turned-chef, who also happens to own the Little Green Kitchen on Upper East Coast, you’ll learn all about the flavorsome and exciting Middle Eastern cuisines. During the workshop, chef Shalu will teach you how to make Harira soup (spicy lentil and tomato soup), baked aubergine mechoui, spicy mint & chickpea stew, and shakshouka (rich, spicy tomato sauce) with feta. 

When: Dec 3
Where: Upper East Coast Road
How much: $85

Latte Art workshop

Take part in this two-hour workshop and learn the basics of latte art, starting with milk texturing and stretching over to the different types of latte art (layering, etching and free pour). With all the tips and tricks that they’ll be giving you, you’ll be a pro (at least to your friends) in no time.

When: Dec 8
Where: Dutch Colony Coffee Co.
How much: $89

Hands on Chiffon cakes workshop

Bring out the baker in you and learn how to make pandan flavored chiffon cake and the oh-so-soft marble Hokkaido milk chiffon cake. Conducted by avid cook and baker Diana Gale, who began cooking and baking since she was 10 and owns a blog with more than 650 recipes of her own, the workshop will teach you layering techniques, how to get the right meringue and skills ot unmold a chiffon cake.

When: Dec 9
Where: The Eureka Cooking Lab
How much: $124.25 – $134.50

Brewing foundation workshop

Learn the difference between brewing an espresso and a latte at this two-hour workshop, and the ideas and concepts that go behind the making of each of them. You will also be taught the different layers of brewed coffee, alternative espresso extraction methods, and most importantly, how to taste coffee (which is pretty vital if you want to learn how to brew good coffee).

When: Dec 22
Where: Dutch Colony Coffee Co.
How much: $109