MEATliquor is launching an anti-brunch event

London burger bar MEATliquor‘s Duxton outpost has been all the rage for the past few months. So it was only a matter of time before they rolled out a weekend daytime drinking event (that’s NOT brunch, let’s be clear). On Oct 24, they’re holding their first Eats, Beats and Treats (F*#< Brunch) event, from 1-5pm. 

There will be a free flow of food and booze for ($90) per person, and an extra $30 if you’d like some Champagne (why yes, please). On the food front, there will be the HBD Chicken Tower Burger, their famous sambal fries and gunpowder shrimp, along with the cheekily named Neh Neh Pops by Bjorn Shen.

On the booze front, we can expect a free-flow of Sapporo, along with some slushy cocktails like largaritas (not to be confused with margaritas). DJ Oliver Osborne will be there, spinning tunes he doesn’t play in clubs.

If you can’t make it this Saturday, don’t fret; this event comes around again on Nov 14 and Dec 12.