Never enough Gatsby: there’s a secret mansion party coming to Singapore this May

Seems like every other place opening these days lays claim to a “Gatsby”-esque vibe or aesthetic. But if all those places have left you cold, and all you’ve ever wanted is to be a guest at one of Leo DiCaprio’s opulent, Roaring Twenties parties, with golden, shiny decor, crazy drapery, massive staircases, all in a huge mansion, your time may have come.

You can Party like Gatsby for the first time here in Singapore, well and Asia, on May 26, at a party called Pearl of the East, thrown by a guy calling himself Jay Gatsby. The party has already traveled to many other countries like United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Norway and many more. The whole affair is pretty secretive; you will only get to know the secret “Gatsby residence” only a few days ahead of the party, and tickets are released one month before the date. There has been no information as yet about the DJs, performers or what kind of delicacies we will be having at the party, but from the pictures of the previous events, we know that it’s going to be massive, grand and flamboyant. Previous parties have had performances by acrobats, burlesque dancers, bands and even a horse riding segment. 

All you need to do to get yourself in for this grand, luxurious party is to register here, and pick out your best 1920s outfit. You can find out more here