We whittled down what to see to turn dreary day into lively night

You’ve waited, and August has finally delivered. The Singapore Night Festival is back for its 10th run this Aug 18-26, in the bustling streets of Bras Basah. First-timers and seasoned goers alike should be well aware of the sheer magnitude of the festival. To celebrate turning 10, this year’s edition brings together five zones of night-time light installations, performances and exhibits.

That’s 65 artists and over 70 programs packed into nine nights. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, here’s a bucket list of the best to start you off, on what to look forward to first after the sun goes down.

Les Hommes Debout (The Standing Men) by AADN (France)

The Standing Men. Photo credit: AADN

Our top pick for SNF: 16 human-sized figurines glowing in tandem with your interactions. If you were a fan of the giant lit-up bunnies at the Civic District Outdoor Festival, The Standing Men from France might be an intriguing, albeit creepy, new option. An interactive art installation, the figures flash in the night in response to passersby, and even “speak” through voices and emotions recorded of inhabitants in the Bras Basah-Bugis area. Aug 18-26, 7:30pm-12am

Where: Zone 5, Singapore Art Museum

Globe by Close-Act Theatre (The Netherlands)

Globe. Photo credit: Close-Act Theatre

Cirque du Soleil as a light show? Maybe. Globe is a child’s perspective of the real world, brought to life through circus techniques, pyrotechnics and video projection. Presented in and around a large sphere, the space is an open-air setup that’s one-part pop concert and one-part ringtop magic. Look forward to a fairytale spectacle that isn’t afraid of shying away from the big-boy topics too—like religion and cultural tradition. Aug 24-26, 8–8:30pm, 10:30–11pm

Where: Zone 3, Cathay Green (field opposite The Cathay)

The Blinking Organisms – You SPLEEN Me Round x OPERATION 00100 by Joo Choon Lin (Singapore)

The Blinking Organisms. Photo credit: Joo Choon Lin

Art isn’t always straightforward, so clearly neither does Singapore artist Joo Choon Lin intend to be with her work. In a visual and sound installation, walk amongst the human spleen(s) fashioned out of everyday materials like plastic and foam—Joo’s exploration of the materiality of the human body, and the mystery of emotions. Just stay clear of the performers with inflatable wings on roller skates. Aug 18-26, 7:30pm-12am

Where: Zone 1, SMU School of Accountancy

The Bulb Heads by Sans Compagnie Fixe (France)

The Bulb Heads. Photo credit: Sans Compagnie Fixe

Just like Death Cab for Cutie, you will follow them into the dark. The “them” are two Bulb Heads, silhouettes topped with massive vintage bulbs for heads. Not a stationary exhibit in any way, The Bulb Heads will wander the festival to shine reassuringly, light up encounters, and likely provide you with a great set-up for a selfie. Aug 24-26, 7:30–8pm, 9-9:30pm, 10:30-11pm

Where: National Museum of Singapore, Singapore Art Museum, SMU, National Museum of Singapore – Main Ground

Phosphene by Praxis+ (Singapore)

Phosphene. Photo credit: Praxis+

A happy celebration of the memories and experiences of a decade-old festival, Phosphene is bound to be a treat for anyone who’s attended SNF in previous years. It’s a winding journey of twinkling lights and visual surprises; fingers crossed it comes close to everyone’s favorite ArtScience Museum Future World exhibit. Aug 18-26, 7:30pm-12am

Where: Zone 5, National Design Centre, Design Gallery

Singapore Night Festival 2017 takes place Aug 18-26, 7:30pm-12mn. More information here