The island's annual open house returns

The only reason you'd go to Pulau Ubin is to fulfill your "stay active" status quo by cycling round the island, or to indulge in some fresh, delicious seafood. But come May 10, you can do more than just that. Happening till Jul 16, the island's annual open house Pesta Ubin will feature lots of activities you can take part in with your friends. Organized by community-led project Friends of Ubin Network (FUN) in collaboration with MND, this is the third edition since it was brought back in 2014, after ceasing in 2003.

Activities range from boat rides to cycling, interactive games to heritage trails you can challenge yourself to: bask in the beauty of nature and partake in sports activities like the mangrove boat tour by Living Fisher Village, check out the guided wildlife tours and activities at the Chek Jawa open house, or go on an advanced mountain biking tour around the island. Finally, end the day by dropping by Living Fisher Village for a campfire BBQ night where you can catch an outdoor film screening and enjoy BBQ chicken wings, curry chicken and frieed bee hoon as the sun sets on the horizon (tickets are $45).

But the biggest highlight has to be the Tua Pek Kong's birthday festival held over six days (May 9-14), organized by Pulau Ubin Fo Shan Ting Da Bo Gong Temple. The entire island will be transformed into a colorful cultural ground for the celebrations, with flags and beautiful lanterns adorned at the Ubin Jetty, traditional opera performances at the Wayang Stage near all the bicycle rental stores and lion dance performances. For a full line-up of activities, click here

Here's what went down last year.