Shah Rukh Khan reveals Zee Cine Award performance details

Bollywood heart throb Shah Rukh Khan was in town on Dec 12 for the ICICI Indian Bank event at the Sands Grand Ballroom and was given a glimpse of what the performance arena would look like for the highly anticipated Zee Cine Awards happening here on Jan 14. When asked about his performance at the awards show, expected to be a mesmerizing evening attended by the Bollywood gliterrati, Khan revealed, “I’ll be performing a little dance. That goes without saying if you’re from Bollywood! But we’re going to try and make it a little more creative. It’ll be something from My Name is Khan.”
Khan was also reported to be impressed with Marina Bay Sands, where he briefly stayed in for the duration of the event. “I think it’s fantastic! I was just on the phone to my wife saying it is one of the most fantastic hotels I’ve seen,” he said. “I want to go up and check the SkyPark. I’ll take my kids up there to swim when I come back in January.”