A Singapore diner is serving a menu inspired by prison grub

There’s no better way to keep law-abiding citizens in check by putting the fear of prison food in them. In true Singapore fashion, Netflix is bringing the infamous Litchfield Penitentiary Cafeteria to OverEasy Liat Towers (Jun 16-17) for the launch of Orange is the New Black‘s fourth season, in a bid to encourage Singaporeans to walk a mile in the system through an inmate’s stomach. 
This simulation-exercise lets you dive into the diet of criminals with a three-course degustation menu designed by bad-boy chef Bjorn Shen to keep basic taste buds off the streets. There’s an amuse boche of corn kernels in spiced butter, jalapeno, cheese and lime, and a main dish dubbed the Nutraloaf, a mushroom, processed cheddar, Nori cake and truffle oil combo. Rounding off the meal is dessert—white chocolate and coconut rice pudding, almond crumble, and fruit of the day. The menu even comes paired with exquisitely aged tap water, that comes with a complex old pipe mouthfeel. For gluten-free options, try a free-flow of burnt vegetable gravy and American hot mustard. 
Only limited seats are available, so sign up here.