Singapore’s holding its first burrito eating competition next week

We all have that one friend who claims that he or she can finish huge amounts of food, be it an entire pizza, a whole family feast of chicken wings or otherwise, in a short amount of time (maybe this is you we’re talking about). Well, it’s now time to put that skill to good use. Singapore’s no stranger to food competitions, from wolfing down hot wings at Southwest Tavern to swallowing down a gargantuan three-kilo burger at The Beast. Now, laidback Mexican gastro bar Hombre Cantina is going to host their very own burrito eating contest, making it a first in Singapore.

Held on Dec 10, participants will be challenged to finish a two-kilo burrito as fast as they can. Designed by the head chef of the restaurant, Jorge Leon, the burrito will be filled with rice, beans, pork, beef and chicken, and has been lovingly named the “Mounstro Burrito”. The participant who finishes the burrito the fastest, or the one who eats the most of the burrito, wins. The winner will then walk away with a pass that entitles them to free burritos for a whole year and of course, bragging rights.

We’re not too sure if anyone would wanna eat burritos after going through this seemingly fun competition, but if you’re interested, click here for more info.