Singapore’s new film festival invites you to screen movies at home

If you’re concerned about the environment (and you should be), the inaugural Earth Film Festival is here to help you make a difference. Taking place from Apr 17-24, the festival is Singapore’s first with a focus on the environment and also the world’s first “crowd-based film festival”. 

Here’s how it works: Choose a film that interests you on the festival website, register and arrange to host a screening at a private venue (your home or a library media room for example). The organizers will send you a free digital download or streaming link for your chosen film. The goal of this new approach is to kick start conversations about sustainability with family and friends.
The festival’s six films are all documentaries with highlights including Cowspiracy, an investigation into the environmental impact of meat production, Trashed, a look at the global waste problem and The Cotton Road, an examination of the true price we pay for cheap fashion.
The Earth Film Festival is part of Earth Week 2016 and is supported by ACRES, Vegetarian Society (Singapore) and ZeroWasteSG.