Singapore’s upcoming film fest has a bike-powered projector

If you aren’t suffering from film festival fatigue yet, there’s another intriguing one to add to your calendar. The Singapore Eco Film Festival, happening in November at the ArtScience Museum, brings together many environmental organizations of Singapore, along with 22 films selected from around the globe and 27 panelists who will be hosting discussions around climate change, citizen initiatives and related issues.

The film festival also brings a pretty adorable, environmentally conscious trend that has won smiles in other world cities. A bike-powered projector will be used to screen Nature is Speaking where big-deal actors like Liam Neeson, Harrison Ford and Julia Roberts voice the various forces of nature, such as Sky, Ice and Ocean.

The rest of the selection is divided into nine tracks, under umbrellas like Minimalism (redefining the idea of wealth and success), Buckle Up (industrial development, civil disobedience) and Sticky Rice (impact of globalization on rural culture) and feature movies based on those topics, each followed by a panel discussion. Film highlights include Can You Dig This, about Los Angeles’ famous “gangster gardeners” and Ottertown, which tells the story of the famous otter family in Singapore. 

There will also be workshops and a farmer’s market. The Eco Film Festival takes place at the ArtScience Museum from Nov 11-13, For more info, visit their website