This street library at Little India is full of controversial zines from Southeast Asia

There never seems to be a lack of literary events encouraging people people to read and support local literary works; there’s the upcoming #BuySingLit event happening this month; a mobile library that roams around neighborhoods and a special vending machine selling books. And then there’s Street Reads happening on Feb 11.

Organized by a group of zine book enthusiasts The Wildflower Collective, the concept isn’t entirely new (they’ve already made their presence felt at a couple of events and places like Singapore Really Really Free Market, The Arts House and at a zine-making workshop)—books are laid out on mats on the ground for anyone to pick up and read. These books, however, are actually self-published and self-printed zines that contain materials that might be too controversial or niche for the mainstream media. The collective will be showcasing (and selling) more than 100 of these zines from all over Southeast Asia, some of which belong to the members’ collection. Four local alternative bands (who are friends of the collective)—death metal outfit BC, acoustic trio Imans League, dreampop producer Elephant Stampede (made up of Subsonic Eye’s Wahidah) and post-metal band Radiant Archery—will also be performing live at the venue, each presenting their own brand of music. 

Admission is free for browsing of books but a $20 charge applies to the band performances. Find out more here.