Test your alcohol tolerance at this beer run happening in Singapore next month

Singapore is no stranger to the hash, the beer-fueled running groups that have been taking place for decades. More recently, the Mikkeller Running Club has been doing monthly runs, too. If you’re looking to try drinking beer and running long distance at the same time, try the one-off Beer Run ORTO which is having its inaugural event on Dec 17 at ORTO’s promenade.

Taking its cues from beer mile events from across the globe, the event asks participants to cover the very reasonable distance of 1.8km consisting of two laps of 900m each. Sound easy?  The catch is you have to finish a pint of beer after your first lap. There will be groups of 25 (you can form your own group if you have 25 friends), and winners get ORTO vouchers of up to $300.

But to be clear, it’s only half a run. The other half is a party.

If you’re not a runner, fear not. There are plenty of other time-honored beef events like a beer pong knockout tournament, team chug and more which rewards you with beer coupons, which can be cashed at the day itself. Besides that, there will also be a live performance by local band SG Little Band, a bunch of food and an afterparty to rid you off your remaining stamina.

Registration prices start at $38, and you can also buy your beer coupons during the early bird promotion ($60 for 10 pints). During the event, a pint of beer comes for a very decent $8.

For registration, go to the website