The best satay stalls in Singapore come together this weekend, and you get to try them all

If you’ve haven’t had satay for a while, then you might want to set aside some time for Urban Kampung 2016. Held at Queen Elizabeth Walk on Oct 22 from 5pm to 9pm, witness the best satay stalls from across the island battling it out for the title of the Ultimate Satay Master.

Relive the good ol’ days of a time when people would gather at the legendary Old Satay Club to have a taste of the seemingly simple street snack. Bring your picnic mats and enjoy the selection of satay from the competing stalls like The Hungry Basterdz, Haron Satay, The Ugly Duckling, Jamil Saté Classic, Satay Power, among others. For $25, you’ll be entitled to two satay sticks and some freebies from each of the eight vendors. You’ll even have the power to vote for your favorite. But if you just want to have your fill without limiting yourself to only 16 sticks, the stalls will be selling to the public from 7pm onwards.

Other highlights include talks where you’ll learn about Malay culture (like the dos and don’ts at a Malay wedding and the significance of a hijab), traditional kampung games and other stalls where you can have gula melaka scones and nachos with permaisuri sauce.

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