Singapore is awash in eco-living events. Here are 3 to check out.

The Singapore government has revised short-term and season parking charges, held car-free Sundays in certain parts of Singapore, reduced the number of COEs per month and introduced new electric car-sharing and bike-sharing schemes; all in an effort to make the country a little more environmentally friendly. Even communities and organizations have stepped up their game to champion the cause by organizing eco-conscious events to get you involved. Our stand? We all have a part to play in making Singapore a little greener, and even if you don’t care, at least checking out these few events will make it look like you do.

Green Living (Sep 9-11)

, Singapore is awash in eco-living events. Here are 3 to check out.

Green Living is returning to Marina Bay Sands Convention Center for its second run, with more eco-lifestyle activities, workshops and eco-friendly products covering smart mobility, health and wellness, urban farming and more. For starters, you can check out two showrooms that are filled with IKEA furnishings, Bosch electronics and Lutron lighting fixtures, for sustainable home and smart technology ideas. Other highlights include workshops, seminars and more. Oh, and admission is free.

Water Falls (Sep 10)

There are the usual charity events, and then there’s this–Water Falls is a new event that–for the first time in Singapore–is focused on understanding and raising awareness on the freshwater crisis through music, dance and art. Held at the Aliwal Arts Centre, you can expect debut performances by a former world champion breakdancer and choreographer (video above), a Japanese-Brazilian drummer and more.

Green Is The New Black (Oct 22)

, Singapore is awash in eco-living events. Here are 3 to check out.

This “conscious festival” held at Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore will be the hub of inspiring talks from thought leaders and change-makers in fields like ethical fashion, wellness and social justice. There’ll also be interactive workshops that will give you tips on urban farming, yoga and building living gardens, and a marketplace with 50 mindful brands. The day ends with a pool party.