This treasure hunt lets you explore some of Chinatown’s iconic landmarks in one day

Ahh Chinatown, it’s the one ethnically-centric area that almost every country in the world has, filled with typical stores that cater to the Chinese living in the area. In Singapore, it’s charm lies in the ethnic picturesque shophouses that were built long ago to house people. It’s a lot different than what it was back in 1943, but you can still spot bits of history here and there, if you look close enough. Besides stores that have stood the test of time to become iconic mainstays in the neighborhood over the years, everything else is pretty modern. But if you’ve always wanted to visit some of the iconic landmarks and learn more about this culturally rich district, do it in style at the third edition of Singapore’s Tastiest Treasure Hunt: Chinatown Edition on May 27.

The treasure hunt requires participants to save Emperor Qing Long’s treasure, which has been rumoured to be here in Singapore since 1930s, before it falls into the wrong hands. You’ll have to crack your brains and test your stamina through a series of challenges (yes, it involves food too) testing you on early Chinatown’s history. It will take you to places like Buddha Tooth Relic Temple (an Instagram staple), Chinatown Food Street and other historical sites that you’ll only find out on that day itself. Rather than the usual races where everyone ends at the same location, this one prepares another ending that is dependent on choices you make during throughout the treasure hunt. Remember to come with comfortable shoes, a water bottle to stay hydrated and “a spirit to win” because movie tickets and Starbucks vouchers are to be won by the top three teams. 

Tickets are $30 each, and it’s available here.