Have four beer+shot combos for $30 at Singapore’s first boilermaker competition

Continuing the big-city tradition of glamorizing working class, boozy delights, fancy bars the world over (including Singapore) are setting their sights this time on boilermakers, that gritty combo of beer and whisky/cheap liquor.

Part of a new series titled Happening by restaurant and bar guide The Minute List, some of Singapore’s top bartenders will come together for Boilermaker Night, a competition for the most creative interpretation of the classic Boilermaker. Happening on Jul 14, 8pm, at Meatliquor SIN, a panel of industry players will be judging the competiton, and results will be based on their results, as well as votes from the audience. The winner receives a trophy, a bottle of spirit and a free meal for his/her bar at Meatliquor.

So what’s in it for the audience? Pay $30, and you’ll get to sample four full glasses of boilermakers by competing bartenders before deciding who to cast your vote for. 

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