Sign up for a nature tour at MacRitchie Forest

Get all up, close and personal with nature in 2016 as the NUS Toddycats will be conducting fortnightly tours at MacRitchie’s Venus loop from Jan to Mar next year. The first two tours next month are on Jan 10 and 23, and registration is done online. The tours are a response to LTA’s announcement of the new Cross Island Line MRT (CRL), which will run through this ecosystem.

The walk is to check out MacRitchie’s diverse ecosystem and the habitats (all with minimal disturbance, of course). The guides will also show some of the cool stuff that can be found in the forest, and to urge people to help save it before development takes over.

You can check out the full list of dates here, and sign up for the Jan 10 and 23 walks here and here respectively. And yes, it’s free.