Your survival guide to Beerfest 2016

[Sponsored] The largest ever edition of Beerfest Asia is happening from Jun 16-19 at Marina Promenade’s waterfront, and with a mind-boggling variety of over 500 brews, it’s your excuse to guzzle both classic and artisanal brews. But—surprise—it’s not just about checking out heady malts. There’s plenty to do, and with a great entertainment lineup comprising over 30 international and local bands, here’s how you can pack on the event’s cool activities (and calories). 

Of course, you have to start by sampling new and rare craft beers

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Depending on your game plan, you can either go for the lighter lagers, witbier or pale ales first before moving on to the extra stouts, dark ales and barrel aged goods that have a higher ABV, zoom in on more exclusive, seasonal beers, or simply select the taste profiles that you like. Whatever your strategy, keep in mind that the event boasts a whopping over 500 beers and ciders, there’s a chance you might miss out on some brews. 

To streamline your choices, some interesting highlights are the herbaceous Cockies Ocean Road Pale Ale from Geelong (Melbourne), New Zealand’s Brothers Coconut and Lime cider, and the bubbly Gosnells London Mead—watch out for exclusive stuff like the Atlas 16% Mega Strong beer with a 16% ABV, and Archipelago has crafted special beers including a Finnish traditional Sahti brew using baker’s yeast and a triple fermented 14% ABV Dark Ale.

Tip: You can also check out the booths with the Asia Beer Award medal for award-winning brews or look out for sampling platters starting from $8. 


And then refuel with delicious grub

, Your survival guide to Beerfest 2016Harry’s

Sure, it’s all about the beer, but your stomach will definitely be growling by the time you’re (maybe) done with tasting the day’s offerings. Partners Mr & Mrs Maxwell, Tiger’s Milk and Harry’s are dishing out bites like chicken wings, burgers, chili crab mee goreng, chicken rendang fried rice and five-spices crispy pork knuckle. So if you’re on a strict liquid diet, you’ll be missing out. 

Tip: Don’t forget to check out the food promotions flashing on the big screens.


Once you’re all pumped up, gather your friends for rounds of pub games

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Work off any pent-up energy by challenging your posse to a game of beer pong, darts or foosball. It’s all in good, raucous fun, so there’s no better time to let loose.

Tip: If you need some post game, non-alcoholic hydration, grab some Redmart Water at all cashier points. 


Tired? Then cap the night with great live music

, Your survival guide to Beerfest 2016Killer Queen

Also providing the evening’s entertainment are a group of 30 international tribute bands, homegrown musicians, and DJs—acts like AbbaFab, Major Tom and Killer Queen will provide nolstagic tunes of Abba, David Bowie and Queen respectively, while revellers can dance the night away to DJ Maverick, who will be spinning smooth R&B and electro. Popular local duo Jack and Rai will also perform hits from The Beatles, alongside tribute band The Day Trippers.
Tip: Don’t miss an all-female DJ cast at the Electronic Marquee on all four nights. 

Or have a laugh at the Comedy Lounge

, Your survival guide to Beerfest 2016Photo credit: Jonathan Wong

One of Beerfest Asia’s most popular headliners is its line-up of local and international stand-up comedy acts. This year’s comedians include Wes Zaharuk, who has performed his madcap brand of humor (that involves the use of random props) in countries like US, Canada and Germany and Lars Callieou, who has toured with Joan Rivers, Bob Saget and Martin Short. For a barrelful of laughs, look no further. 

Tip: Grab the UOB Exclusive Jun 16 $117 VIP ticket for free entry to Wes or Lars’ Thursday shows. Ticket handling charges apply. 


Ticket prices range from $25 for a one-day pass (Thurs/Sun), $100 for a four-day pass and $117 for a one-day VIP package (with free-flow beer). For more information, visit their website


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, Your survival guide to Beerfest 2016