Youtube sensation Ryan Higa in Singapore September 1 for meet and greet

Las Vegas-based filmmaker and co-founder of the incredibly famous Nigahiga Youtube channel Ryan Higa, will be in Singapore on September 1 for a meet and greet event at Wave House Sentosa.
The entire event will consist of a meet and greet session (7pm) and a cozy interview stage (9pm) hosted by Sixx member Aarika Lee.Tickets are going for:
$38 (standard meet and greet): Free soft drink at Wave House, one solo photo with Ryan Higa, one autograph
$50: All of the above plus access to Q&A session
$150 (VIP dinner package): Buffet dinner valued at $40 (6pm), meet and greet with Ryan Higa at dinner (bypassing regular meet and greet queue), one solo photo, one autograph, access to Q&A session (free standing)
Booking can be made via the Eventbrite page set up by event organizer Soulmanna Live.
Higa’s Youtube channel has garnered over 1.2 billion views and 5 million subscribers, and features other Youtube stars like Wong Fu Productions and David Choi, who have both been in Singapore in the last two years. Amongst his most popular offerings are his music videos (watch “Bromance”—a collaboration with Chester See, Wong Fu Pro, Sean Fujiyoshi and Andrew Garcia—below), ad spoofs and the “How to Be…” series.