A first in Singapore, we can now look forward to using cryptocurrency within a well-regulated environment

Unless you’ve intentionally avoided all forms of technology and media, you would – by now, at least – already have learnt a thing or two about the trendiest financial term in recent times: cryptocurrency. The biggest pop star in the open market at the moment, cryptocurrency’s phenomenal growth has prompted many governing bodies worldwide to start exploring how they can be adapted to mainstream day-to-day transactions – a step towards further progress in this age of technology.

In the spirit of continuous progress and maintaining our competitive edge, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has recently granted global retail cryptocurrency platform Luno the in-principle approval (IPA) to provide digital payment token services in Singapore.



The very first retail-focused cryptocurrency platform in Singapore to obtain an IPA from the MAS, Luno’s fuss-free and secure interface makes it easy and safe for anyone to start using, storing, learning, and even investing in cryptocurrency. The trusted platform already boasts a base of over 10 million active users, spanning more than 40 countries.

With the IPA, we can now also be assured that our access to cryptocurrency and related transactions are done within a well-regulated environment that safeguards the interest of consumers. Backed by a robust application process, the IPA is a strong testament to the company’s commitment to compliance standards and effective regulation of crypto asset services.



Taking a firm education-first approach and a strong focus on consumer protection, Luno helps users make more informed decisions while engaging with cryptocurrency and raises awareness against fraudulent schemes in the cryptocurrency world. Named by Forbes recently as one of the world’s best global crypto exchanges, they were also one of only five to receive a full score on “Customer Satisfaction” – a clear result of the trust they’ve gained from consumers through their dedication to consumer protection at the core of their business.


To get onboard or find out more for yourself, visit Luno’s website here.