Boom Singapore

Boom Singapore (stylized boOm Singapore) joins the CBD fitness scene in a unique setup in Telok Ayer. The name of the game here is boxing, with complementary trailing elements that develop strength and agility. Founded by fitness couple Bryan Tay and Victoria Martin-Tay, the boutique fitness outfit marries functional training, weights and boxing in one contemporary space.

The layout is straightforward, with just a single room for you to get straight to work. Surround yourself with funky lights and rows of water-filled boxing bags in the boOm Room—a spacious studio that fits a 24-person group class, as well as intimate groups and one-on-one personal training lessons. Boom’s signature session boOm Box is a 45-minute workout that trains boxing power and precision. An added strength-based training in the session was inspired by the pair’s belief that “it is easy to make someone tired, but hard to make someone strong”.

Each person at Boom is provided their own boxing bag, step board and weight station, along with the standard outfit of full shower and changing facilities.