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High-intensity interval training, more commonly known as HIIT, is a cardiovascular exercise strategy that pairs brief bursts of intense anaerobic exercises with even shorter recovery periods. The science behind the workout method claims its effectiveness due to the fact that it can increase your metabolism rate, driving the body to torch fat furiously. For the most enervating yet adrenaline-inducing HIIT workouts in Singapore, turn to these 11 fitness studios listed below. It’s time to clock in your cardio and start your fitness journey at these group classes!


HIIT Classes near me

Not your average boutique gym, Axiom is a ride and strength studio found along Lorong Mambong that caters to various fitness interests and goals. Enjoy their HIIT lessons like AxStrength to push your metabolic threshold to the limit; the extreme Ax Metcon will also focus on high intensity with varying work-rest ratios.

Barry’s Bootcamp Singapore

HIIT Classes near me

You’ve probably already heard a great deal about this famed Los Angeles workout studio and its notorious red room that holds some of the most gruelling HIIT classes ever (which we survived, BTW), as it made headlines when it first arrived in Singapore. Typically, a Barry’s Bootcamp session alternates between floorwork and treadmill, to give your body the ultimate burn. Rest assured that the payoff is worth both the pain and cost.


HIIT gyms in Singapore for burning fat and upper body training

An Aussie original, the concept of F45 is fairly straightforward. Train functionally for 45mins at a go; elements of HIIT as well as circuit training are worked into the mix. Think battle rope exercises, prowler pushes and rowing machine moves. The franchise also places a large emphasis on team training, so feel free to enroll in classes with friends.

Field Assembly

HIIT gyms in Singapore for the perfect workout

Expect to be pushed beyond your limits at Field Assembly. Both their training facilities (one at Holland Village and another at Clarke Quay) are equipped with some of the best gym gear around for productive workouts. Their schedule is also jam-packed with other types of classes, so apart from HIIT, try your hand at jiu-jitsu, muay thai, yoga and even strength training sessions.

The Garage

HIIT Gyms near me to build lean muscle

A short brisk walk from Beauty World MRT will get you to The Garage, a gym that specialises in HIIT and circuit training. They’ve got a total of seven different HIIT workout classes, from those that focus on strength, to others that target fat loss at an advanced level. If you’re unsure which classes might suit you, just check out their page, that comes adorned with full descriptions of all the classes they provide. To aid you further, there are also videos to give you insights into the various trainings, plus a scale that indicates the intensity levels of the workouts.


HIIT Gyms near me for lower body exercises

Founded by former national athletes who have dedicated their lives to sport and fitness, it’s no surprise that Grityard offers time-efficient programmes that focus on athletic development. So expect a system based on five basic pillars of body functional output that include endurance, speed and strength. Sign-up for their Blitz class to improve your agility, coordination and reaction time thanks to power drills, or head to the Juggernaut for a full-body workout. There’s also Reignman, inspired by NBA legend Shawn Kemp—just think speed work, plyometric exercises and combo moves that’ll challenge both your body and mind.

Ground Zero

HIIT Gyms near me

You may already be familiar with famed boutique gym parlour Ground Zero thanks to their spin classes and second studio at China Square Central. Now, head down to their spanking new location to partake in any of their four Resistance (HIIT) classes, such as Build, a hypertrophy workout laced with interval training; Power, that entails plyometrics and heavy compound exercises; Endurance, which focuses on cardio; and finally, Showdown, that combines the best of the former three. The last one also doubles as a competition, so choose to participate for a chance to earn prizes.

Haus Athletics

HIIT Gyms near me

Found within fitness studio-ridden mall Downtown Gallery (and Cross Street Exchange), Haus Athletics offers just three, HIIT-inspired workout classes, activating and targeting various muscle groups. While Leanout is a strength-based HIIT class, Meltdown is cardio-based, and Kore focuses on the back, glutes and abs. Besides an in-house juice bar that serves detoxifying green beverages, Haus also allows you to make purchases for water and other drinks after you book a slot online, so they’ll have everything ready for you once you arrive for your workout.

The Jungle

HIIT Gyms near me

A ClassPass favourite and popular CBD gym, head to The Jungle to try their signature Jungle HIIT, designed to improve strength, conditioning and even muscle development. They also offer a Boxing HIIT option, where bag striking, martial arts conditioning and core and body exercises take centrestage. Both classes are suitable for participants of all fitness levels and experience.


HIIT Gyms near me

It’s all about the journey, as Level seeks to go beyond mere body transformations and short-term gains. To maintain a healthy mindset and physique, try any of their elite classes which will teach you proper technique, movement and coordination. The Sweat class sees HIIT at its finest, with circuit-style lessons involving light weights and bodyweight challenges; while Level’s flagship class Skill powers you with interval weight training. 


HIIT Gyms near me with quality equipment

Branded as the ultimate 30min gym, Ritual now has five locations in Singapore, with two in the CBD and one at Holland Village. They pride themselves on having legitimate coaches, not glorified timekeepers (their words, not ours), as well as being able to raise your metabolic rate for fat burning that lasts up to 48 hours. But that’s not all. Besides getting your own clean, individual 40 sq ft “pod” that comes equipped with dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, pull-up rings and suspension trainer, you’re also entitled to freshly-laundered sets of workout clothes, at no additional cost.

Meet Your Fitness Goals Through High Intensity Workout Sessions

High intensity interval training combines cardio with strength training, to help you burn fat, build muscle, and raise your fitness level. Take your personal training into your own hands, and check out these HIIT gyms in Singapore.