For decadent bakes that look as good as they taste

Show your loved ones you care by throwing an intimate, stay-home celebration when a special occasion arises. Below, we list six of the best cake shops that offer delivery services, with signature offerings sure to please everyone.

Baker’s Brew

If you’ve got a large crew celebrating a special occasion at home, it’ll be wise to get a sizable and indulgent cake from local bakery brand Baker’s Brew. Besides the Singaporean-style Ondeh Ondeh Cake and tropical Lychee Mango Cake, the Matcha Azuki Cake and Dual Fromage make good desserts too. Prefer tarts or rolls? Pick up their creamy Hazelnut Praline Tarts and fragrant Hojicha Swiss Roll instead.

Bob the Baker Boy

Create the cake of your dreams with homegrown bakery Bob the Baker Boy. Here to bake a million people happy, the shop helmed by intrepid, self-taught baker-turned-entrepreneur Mayee Fong is dedicated to creating tasty and unique experiences for Singaporeans. Tell them what you’d like on your cake with their custom services, or opt for ready-to-order options like the Korean bento cakes and drinkable cakes. 

Cat & The Fiddle

Halal-certified cake store Cat & The Fiddle is all about their Muslim-friendly bakes. Find over 20 different flavours of cheesecakes such as the Milo Dinosaur, King Cat of the Mountain, that’s a decadent durian piece, as well as the Paws of Fury, boasting tea and coffee slices.

Creme Maison

Best known for their custom cake orders, Creme Maison bakery is still delivering their handcrafted delights this season. If you don’t require bespoke cakes, then feel free to shop their monthly promo page that offers various baked goods at discounted prices. The artsy Petite Nate (Noir) is on sale now, and so are their various boxes of colourful cupcakes.

Olsen Bakehouse

If local flavours are what you crave, look no further than Olsen Bakehouse's classic cakes as they’ve got offerings such as the Kopi, Kaya & Peanut Butter, Pulut Hitam, Ondeh Ondeh, Milo and even Orh Nee. Or, for those gifting bakes, a favourable option would be the vegan Banana Cake with Homemade Hazelnut Spead. 


Exclusively selling Basque burnt cheesecakes, Paparch is a popular home bakery dishing out #SweetMeltedOoze. So to get some of that creamy goodness, head over to their website and order fast as their only item sells out within minutes.