Support local brands at the same time

The gifting season is just round the corner. Soon, we will be inundated with shopping promotions (need we remind you that 11.11 is barely two weeks away?) and Christmas gift sets. But 2020 isn’t your typical year. With Covid-19 not abating, working from home still a norm, overseas travel non-existent, and no large gatherings allowed, the year-end festive season looks set to be muted.

But celebrate we must. Pandemic or not, it’s always good to spread the cheer to friends, family and ourselves. Local brands such as Fossa Chocolate and The Golden Duck Co. have stepped up with snack boxes, but there are still more care packages out there to lift our spirits. From handmade soaps to practical items, here are some pre-holiday self care gifts to check out.



Founded by two ladies who believe in sharing the importance of using natural ingredients and the benefits they provide, Soaprise specialises in handcrafted cold process soap and other skin-related products. They use natural ingredients and do not contain harsh chemicals unlike commercial soap. Try the Aromatherapy Accessories Mystery Box (currently on sale for $55). Feel good and look good with a choice of earrings, necklace or bracelet, hand sanitizer, essential oil roll-on and of course, a bar of soap.


Handmade Heroes


Show some love with the "I'm Thinking Of You" Care Package ($46.90) by this local beauty brand. Skincare and body care products sold here are vegan, cruelty-, paraben- and alcohol-free. The care package contains one Extra Salty Himalayan Salt Scrub, Lip Scrub, Cocoa Friggin Fantastic Lip Tint and Lip Balm. What’s more, you can personalise each box with the recipient’s name and leave a personalised message on the card. There’s free courier shipping too.


WeCare Pack


Working from home can be more stressful so feel free to gift yourself this care pack. Aptly named The Stay Home Worker ($49.90), you’ll get essentials like surgical face masks, anti-bacterial wipes, hand moisturiser, and perk-me-ups such as 3-in-1 coffee sachets and facial masks. There are also care packs dedicated to other “heroes”, such as the Quarantined Mum and Dad, the Protector (frontline workers) and the Unsung Hero (teachers).


Happy Bunch


Here’s a gift with a difference. The Flower Care Box ($55) by Happy Bunch would be perfect for anyone with a green thumb. Since gardening and horticulture are known to be therapeutic and can help to ease anxiety and lift low moods, this is perfect for someone who needs a mental health boost. The starter kit has all the essentials for carrying out basic flower care. It includes a glass vase (12cm x 20cm), flower shears, and 10 flower food sachets. All you need is to do is to add flowers.


Janice Wong Singapore


Are your friends or family into baking? Instead of sending cookies and baked goods, gift them The Chocolate Cake & Decorate Gift Hamper ($118). It includes ingredients necessary to bake and decorate a cake, such as chocolate cake premix, chocolate pearls, praline hazelnut paste, dark chocolate chips and recipe cards. Who knows, they might end up baking like award-winning pastry chef Janice Wong!