Make work-from-home work better with these easy caffeine fixes

There are some days when your usual kopi-o just can’t cut it. On those occasions, go luxe and order up some bottles of delicious cold brew coffee instead. Below, find 9 cafes and coffee services where you can get your daily dose of quality caffeine.

Bootstrap Beverages 

Speciality cold brew coffee producer brewing in both Singapore and Bali, Bootstrap Beverages uses 100 percent arabica coffee sourced directly from family-run farms in the region. Get the richest, most flavourful coffees from these guys; not only are they offering free delivery on all orders within Singapore but also a subscription promotion which allows you to save on all your orders. Try the popular Bootstrap Cold Brew Milk & Manuka Honey or the Bootstrap Mix Pack if you want to try a little of everything.  

Brew Brothers

Coffee delivery service Brew Brothers which made its debut on Instagram last year dishes out delicious iced beverages to all who desire. More options have arrived on the menu; although the signature Oat remains a crowd favourite. Simply support the small business by ordering the brews and pastries via its website

Chye Seng Huat Hardware

Trust Tyrwhitt Road stalwart Chye Seng Huat Hardware to continuously supply you with delicious caffeine fixes. Part of their Work-From-Home delivery care packages, enjoy their signature cold brew blends in the comfort of your own home. Each six-pack cold brew (black, white, or mixed) is good to last up to four weeks, so don’t rush to consume them all. Plus, apart from cold coffee, the cafe is also delivering cakes, chocolates and coffee drip bags.

Habitat Coffee 

Habitat Coffee's cold brew deliveries are bound to perk up your mornings. Available for pre-orders, try the Liquid Gold Cold White Coffee and Cold Matcha Coffee for that AM indulgence.

Homeground Coffee Roasters

Coffee addicts will really appreciate Homeground Coffee Roasters during this work-from-home period. Because not only is the Joo Chiat Road cafe offering the ultimate Cold Brew Concentrate which allows you to make up to eight cups of cold brew lattes with it, they’ve also got a Cold Brew Kit for the hands-on folks. If you’re looking for more, just check out their online store that sells drip bags, espresso beans and other coffee equipment as well.

Noir & Blanc Cold Brew

Handcrafted cold brews take centre stage at another online business Noir & Blanc Cold Brew. To order, simply click here and make your choices by filling out the digital form. Delectable options include the Cold Brew Oatly, concocted with creamy oat milk, as well as the Cold Brew Black that gives you a caffeine boost sans the bitter aftertaste.  

Old Hen Coffee

Get your cold brew coffee fix from Old Hen Coffee, thanks to the islandwide delivery of their Cold Dark Cocoa, Cold Matcha, Cold Brew Coffee (White) and (Black). And during this period, the cafe has even re-introduced the Cold Brew Coffee (White) in 1L bottles, to fuel your stay-home caffeine needs. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for those though, as the 1L brews are only available in limited quantities. Just check their website and Instagram page to be updated on stocks.

Parallel Coffee Roasters

Probably the most wallet-friendly option around, Parallel Coffee Roasters is now delivering cold brew coffees direct to your doorstep. Not only does the cafe supply bundles of six that can be kept up to 10 days, but they also offer coffee subscription plans for those who just can’t get enough. On top of it all, Parallel is eco-friendly—just leave your empty glass bottles outside your home and their friendly delivery personnel will collect it the next time they return to deliver your coffee.

Populus Food & Co. 

This Neil Road cafe is pretty popular for its delicious grain bowls and brunch platters, although coffee drinkers do patronise the spot for cold brews as well. Made with gula melaka and a hint of pandan, the White Cold Brew Coffee is definitely a crowd-pleaser and can be ordered via GrabFood delivery. Plus, since it’s freshly-brewed, don’t forget to consume it immediately upon arrival.