#10mins with… Peloton yoga instructor and Lululemon global ambassador Dr Chelsea Jackson Roberts

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, #10mins with… Peloton yoga instructor and Lululemon global ambassador Dr Chelsea Jackson Roberts

Much has been debated about modern versus traditional yoga, but whichever team you are on, one thing’s for sure, yoga offers immeasurable benefits to the mind, body and spirit. 

Dr Chelsea Jackson Roberts firmly belongs to a new generation of yogis with a unique style of yoga. Since picking it up as a form of exercise, the Ohio native now centres her life around the time-tested meditative practice, employing its calming influence in tandem with poetry, writing and art to assist communities that wouldn’t normally have access to such creative outlets. She manages Red Clay Yoga, a charity she set up with her husband while making waves across the world with energetic Peloton yoga classes blending asana flows with contemporary hip hop, electronic and R&B beats. 

She is also one of Lululemon’s most acclaimed global ambassadors, which is why she will be heading our way on Jul 20 and 21 to host classes at Glow Festival by Prudential. Lululemon is a curation partner for the festival, and will present a series of over 50 sweat sessions, sound bath experiences, and thoughtful wellness panel sessions across three weekends. 

Ahead of her sessions, Roberts shares more about her distinctive approach to yoga, and what we can expect at the festival in this exclusive interview with SG Magazine.

, #10mins with… Peloton yoga instructor and Lululemon global ambassador Dr Chelsea Jackson Roberts

When and how did you start practicing yoga?

I started practicing yoga in early adulthood during my first year of being a school teacher.


Was there an “ah ha” moment that made you think this could be a long-term career into wellness?

It wasn’t until later in my educational career that I decided I could place all of my focus on yoga. It was undeniable that my career path had evolved after my PhD in Educational Studies and the founding of the Yoga, Literature, and Art Camp for Teen Girls.


What does a typical day look like for you?

As a full time Peloton instructor and Lululemon global ambassador, my day entails practicing, teaching, and talking about yoga and meditation. I teach live classes on the Peloton app and that is broadcasted to millions! In addition, as a Lululemon global ambassador, I am able to share my practice and philosophy for holistic well-being with people around the world. No day is the same due to the various opportunities that arise. On top of that, I parent my son Noble with my husband Shane. 


Has being a mom changed your way of exercising and practising yoga?

Absolutely! It has actually made my practices more essential to my daily life as I practice patience, kindness, and generosity with myself in this new role. As a result, it allows me to apply those same practices to my loved ones.


Your style of teaching has been described as “accessible, creative, and compassionate”, blending hip-hop, electronic, and R&B with asana. Can you elaborate on this, and how does it translate to a more effective wellness journey for people?

I truly believe that everyone who is interested in yoga or meditation should have access to the practice. That being said, it is imperative that first-timers see themselves reflected or connected in some way. I like to use music and art as my connective tissue when it comes to inviting folks to the mat for the first time.


Singaporeans are city folks who lead busy and often stressed-out lifestyles. How can yoga principles be applied on and off mat for support and resilience in the wake of hard times?

Yoga reminds us to slow down, listen to the body and the information it presents, and through this practice, we sharpen the tools and the parts of us that help make decisions in life. Yoga and meditation make space for reflection so that when you step into life, you are more aware, present, and connected.


Who is your personal health hero?

At this very moment, my mother. She is a warrior, facing cancer head-on. She practices yoga with me in an entirely different state weekly on the Peloton app. She reminds me of the strength we have within us that shows up when we need it most. Her courage right now inspires me deeply.


As a Lululemon ambassador, you will be hosting classes at Glow Festival by Prudential 2024. What can participants expect?

Participants can expect to meet themselves on the mat exactly as they arrive. We will flow and we will breathe. We will connect as a Lululemon community to celebrate 10 years of The Sweat Life in Singapore. Prepare to meet the part of you that you’ve always known has been waiting to feel free. 

In addition to classes, I’ll also be participating in a well-being panel discussion centered around the importance of finding time for wellbeing, where I’ll share more about my personal experiences and tips on balancing physical, social and emotional well-being. I am excited to meet the community in Singapore! 

Glow Festival by Prudential 2024 takes place at Marina Bay Sands from Jul 6 to 21. Dr Chelsea Jackson Roberts will host two classes, Yoga and Chill on Jul 20, 6.15pm, and Soul Flow Yoga on Jul 21, 6.15pm. Tickets start from $29. Click here for details on the classes as well as other workout schedules and experiences.  

Text by Alvin Lim and Nida Seah.