#10minswith… Daniel Boey, creative producer of inclusive style and retail festival Fashion For All

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, #10minswith… Daniel Boey, creative producer of inclusive style and retail festival Fashion For All

This very publication (previously known as I-S Magazine) once declared Daniel Boey as “Singapore’s fashion royalty”. It’s no surprise then, to find the creative and fashion director/curator at the helm of the opening fashion show of inclusive style festival, Fashion For All. 

Fashion For All, presented by Pink Fest in partnership with Singapore Fashion Council @ Design Orchard, is a groundbreaking Singapore fashion event dedicated to inclusivity and creativity. Held throughout the month of June, the inaugural style and retail festival will showcase a vibrant tapestry of fashion and accessories by 18 Singapore designers and emerging talents. 

, #10minswith… Daniel Boey, creative producer of inclusive style and retail festival Fashion For All

Together with pioneer fashion show producer Brandon Barker, the pair have put together a runway show on Jun 1 that will kick off Fashion For All’s festivities. SG Magazine speaks to Boey on inclusive fashion, the brands and models selected for the show, and his thoughts on the future of fashion in Singapore.

, #10minswith… Daniel Boey, creative producer of inclusive style and retail festival Fashion For All

What is inclusive fashion?

Inclusive fashion refers to any kind of fashion that doesn’t have a limiting label or boundaries attached to it. For example, fashion that is gender inclusive means anyone can wear it if they think they look good in it, regardless of how they identify. Size-inclusive labels are those that offer options in a wide variety of sizes to cater to people with different body shapes. 


Being in the industry for so long, what changes (for better or worse) have you seen when it comes to inclusive fashion?

Inclusive fashion has always been around in some form or other since I dipped my toes into this industry some 34 years ago. The likes of Jean Paul Gaultier and Vivienne Westwood used to do gender-neutral pieces that were more the exception than the rule. Back home, we had designers like David Wang and Woon Chor breaking all the rules and creating amazing looks for their labels. To have come from that to today – when hardly anyone bats an eyelid at men in skirts or women in menswear, and where labels create and offer a wide range of sizes for their customers – is truly amazing.


, #10minswith… Daniel Boey, creative producer of inclusive style and retail festival Fashion For All
Top row (from left): Binary Style, Boheme, Ceramication, ESHxJoannaLSM, Graye, IKV. Second row (from left): Kanzi, m0nster by Miri, Marilyn Tan Jewellery, Serina Lee, Ther Yang, Thomas Wee, Voiddeck

There was an open casting call where everyone regardless of race, height, age, or body type was welcome to apply. How do you choose the models, and who have you cast?

We chose anyone who had the X-Factor. Do you stand out in the crowd of many who were casting? Do you have the charisma and stage presence to shine on stage? Are you an aspirational role model? These were some of our considerations.

Once these models were shortlisted, the designers participating in the show selected those that fit in with the DNA of their brand aesthetic. In other words, they were cast by the brands themselves.


How did you select the fashion brands in the show, and what kind of looks can we expect?

It was a long process in which the creative team, the organising committee as well as the team from Design Orchard – myself, Brandon Barker, Harris Zaidi, Ting-Ting Zhang, Lily Hamid, Julynn Tay, Naz – suggested names and interviewed designers. Designers themselves suggested other designers and eventually, we came up with a list of designers that consist not only of iconic names but lots of cult labels and fresh new names who are making their debut. 

You can expect to see a combination of new styles as well as designer basics styled and worn in new and exciting ways by an unexpected cast.


Can you share your experience working with Brandon Barker?

I am so blessed to be able to collaborate with someone the likes of Brandon Barker in this show. Magic happens when we get together to discuss the creatives of the show. I fully trust in his opinion, and he fully trusts in mine. 


 What is the most important thing that you want to bring across to the audience?

Come for the show with no preconceived notions and with an open mind. And your wallet! Everything you see is available for sale after the show!


What are your hopes for the future of fashion in Singapore?

I wish to see a Singapore fashion industry that is more collaborative and less fractional. The more united and collaborative we are, the stronger we will be as a collective and the further we will grow. 

I also wish to see a fashion public that is more embracing of our local designers. But things are changing! For the better.

The opening fashion show for Fashion For All kicks off at Design Orchard on Jun 1, 8pm. Fashion For All runs throughout the month of June, featuring inclusive collections, interactive workshops and panel discussions for a thought-provoking fashion experience. Get more information here