Achieving success with the new norm in work arrangements

It’s a widely known fact that the global pandemic has brought about many changes in our lifestyles. Office culture, for one, has seen a sharp shift towards remote and hybrid work arrangements.

Along with the adoption of hybrid working, we’ve also seen how it has allowed some of us to get that little bit more sleep, to have more energy at work and be able to spend more time with our families. It’s this form of flexibility that lets us work at a pace best suited to our needs. But with more employees prioritising flexibility, communication has now become more vital than ever.


, Achieving success with the new norm in work arrangements


According to Poly, a video and audio collaboration solutions provider that empowers the working world, people are the most important asset for a company. This is followed by investing in the best tools to foster efficient virtual communication for a workable remote work environment.

With the pandemic here to stay, How do we identify the tools, devices, and skills that your team will need to stay productive? Poly suggests we’ll be able to discern the right technological solutions by properly defining the needs and work styles of the team and employees. By understanding employee work styles, it’ll be easier to design better experiences across spaces to promote seamless communication, engagement, and innovation.


, Achieving success with the new norm in work arrangements


Having studied the evolution of work styles for nearly a decade, the team at Poly has identified six distinct personas, reiterating that organisations should start approaching their work space with a people-focused approach to maximise returns and success potential – complemented by an investment in the right technologies for greater connectivity between colleagues and staff, of course.


Learn more about how to set up a modern workforce or find more information on Poly’s website here.