CASETiFY launches new Metaverse-inspired collection

Constantly presenting the most cutting-edge of tech accessory innovation, CASETiFY moves forward with yet another ground-breaking offering in collaboration with SM Group.

Marrying the world’s love for K-Pop trends and the contemporary development of the Metaverse, CASETiFY launches an exclusive tech accessories capsule collection inspired by global girl group aespa and their metaverse dimensions.


, CASETiFY launches new Metaverse-inspired collection


The very first collaboration between CASETiFY and SM Group, the aespa collection consists of six distinct artworks on a whole range of accessories, including Macbook covers and sleeves, Magsafe card wallets and chargers, iPad and AirPod cases, and even an exclusive Charm Chain Phone Strap with Card.

Featuring mysterious purple colourways and designs that represent aespa’s Metaverse and its multi-dimensional world, including a special one with the group members’ autographs on the cover of their Next Level track, and another with the first villain Black Mamba, the collection shines with sharp individuality. aespa fans will also not want to miss out on the special edition sling charm, filled with charms that symbolise each individual member.


, CASETiFY launches new Metaverse-inspired collection


On top of the collection’s exciting themed designs, it also boasts CASETiFY’s renowned elements of enhanced protection and offers products from their impact, ultra-impact, and bounce series – the last of which promises to offer the best protection ever with comfortable ergonomic designs.

For even greater customisability, the aespa collection allows fans to pick from various bumper colours according to their preferences and desired protection levels, to add an extra touch of character to their chosen design.

And don’t worry if you’ve not got the latest tech gadgets, the aespa x CASETiFY collection also supports devices from previous generations alongside products for the latest releases.


Get your hands on the aespa x CASETiFY collection now or find out more via their website here.