Cheongdam Korean Skin Management opens newest outlet at United Square

Ever since the meteoric rise of Korean pop culture, their mesmerising beauty and aesthetic standards have similarly become ideal benchmarks around the world. Brilliantly highlighted by waves of Korean idols on screens everywhere, their flawless skin has become a thing of envy and the very dream that fans all over the world strive to realise.

Bringing that dream closer to Singaporeans is Cheongdam Korean Skin Management, who’re proudly starting 2023 with the opening of their newest outlet at United Square.


, Cheongdam Korean Skin Management opens newest outlet at United Square


Being the first authentic Korean skin management concept with an aesthetic clinic that offers Korean medical aesthetic solutions, Cheongdam’s brand new outlet offers the same Korean philosophy of purity and perfection in their luxurious new outlet, where you’ll find a Korean-style skincare bar showcasing pure, oxygen-enriched skincare products to mix and match for your own skin type from the moment you enter.

With a strict emphasis on transparency and sole dedication to helping their customers achieve the skin of their dreams, the outlet reflects that vision with open concept consultation areas, where customers can learn more about their own skin and the various treatment options they can consider. Conveniently fitted in the outlet are state-of-the-art aesthetic treatment room, dedicated facial rooms, and even a room specially designed for scalp treatment.


, Cheongdam Korean Skin Management opens newest outlet at United Square


Known for a distinct dewy, supple, and polished look, Korean beauty focuses on healthy skin that appears glassy and smooth. Tackling skin ageing due to reduction in collagen production, sun exposure, and urban lifestyle habits, Cheongdam’s meticulous treatment process promises to pamper our skin and see that our individual issues and needs are met.

Their most popular treatments include the Korean Signature 10-Step Skin Treatment and Pico Mix and Match Programme that offers a personalised Korean-style skin experience. Their non-invasive treatment options also boast no downtime and immediate visible effects so we can easily achieve glowing skin and a healthy complexion.

For more comprehensive packages, Cheongdam’s cutting-edge solutions offer everything from lasers, Botox, fillers, and skin injectables, to hair growth treatments, body management, and facial treatments such as their Pure Oxygen Facial Therapy and Skin Boosters with Microneedling.


To find out more about Cheongdam Korean Skin Management, head over to their website here.