CHU Collagen introduces their rice puffs with new soup base and noodles

On this sunny cosmopolitan island, it’s no secret that we’re all about new gourmet experiences and efficient beauty solutions. Especially considering our busy urban landscape, we’ve often been worried about the condition of our skin and are constantly on the lookout for more ways to elevate our day-to-day routines. To help our skin maintain its glow and youthful lustre, adding collagen into our daily diets have also caught on in recent years.

Announcing a brand new experience specially catered for the Singaporean lifestyle, the homegrown CHU Collagen brand premieres their Crispy Rice Puffs range, perfectly in time for us to celebrate the CNY festivities with loved ones, alongside their new Mochi Mochi Noodles and Japanese Teapot Soup.


, CHU Collagen introduces their rice puffs with new soup base and noodles


Known for their flavourful collagen-packed hotpot soup bases, their latest offering improves your hotpot feast with generous sprinklings of rice puffs in two unique flavours: Original and Seaweed. With their Crispy Rice Puffs, you’ll easily get to enjoy what is essentially an exclusive Pao Fan dish with your hotpot from the comfort of home.

For fans of CHU Collagen, their rice puffs can be added to any of the brand’s soup bases, simmered and ready to eat in a matter of minutes.


, CHU Collagen introduces their rice puffs with new soup base and noodles


Introducing another unique flavour for fans to explore, the Japanese Teapot Soup is both light and flavourful, featuring robust flavours from an assortment of steamed seafood and mushrooms, extracted into a kombu-based broth.

To make your hotpot experience complete, tasty noodles are a must, and there’s where their new Mochi Mochi Noodles come in. Made with the highest quality wheat flour and Japanese mochi, the noodles are undeniably chewy when added to your soup, and are even able to be enjoyed by simply tossing them with a sauce of your choice or frying them for an incredibly crunchy snack.


Find out more about CHU Collagen and their range of delicious, nourishing hotpot offerings via their website here.