Coulisse Heir launches new therapy for post-covid hair loss

With the multitude of worries that the recent pandemic has brought us over the past couple years, many of us may not realise it, but it has even implicated us in ways such as our personal look – and no, this time we’re not talking about having to get used to grooming ourselves on a daily basis all over again. Post-covid hair loss is a thing.

Thankfully, luxury hair and scalp care boutique Coulisse Heir is here to help with their new Post-Covid Hair Loss Therapy.

Addressing the worrying phenomenon, Coulisse Heir has specially curated a set of products and scalp treatment process that tackles temporal hair loss as a result of Covid-19 – both as an incidental product of vaccinations or a consequence of battling a bout of infection.


, Coulisse Heir launches new therapy for post-covid hair loss


Of course, the emotional impact that the pandemic has had on us as a whole has also played a significant role in affecting our health (and scalp) as well. Because of the extended period of unhealthy hair and scalp situation, they inevitably lead to hair loss symptoms.

Setting out to help us regain our hair and confidence, Coulisse Heir’s Post-Covid Hair Loss Therapy employs a series of in-house products that aim to protect and revive weakened roots, promote regeneration and strengthening of blood capillaries in our scalp, and drive better absorption of nutrients, all in a lush 60-minute session.


, Coulisse Heir launches new therapy for post-covid hair loss


Starting off with a relaxing hair brush and shoulder massage to relieve tension and get the scalp ready, the treatment removes build-up and impurities with a Co-Cleanser and Hair Loss Cleanser that’s massaged into our scalp to stimulate hair follicles. They’ll then apply a Scalp Activator Mask to promote blood circulation and remove dead skin cells, followed by a Nano Spa Mist to lock in nutrients.

The stars of the treatment then comes next, with an invigorating Recharge spray that uses carbonated micro bubbles to aid in hair growth, and the Scalp Builder that strengthens hair and activates stem cells.


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