Dr. Ora’s Aura White Ultra is the ideal go-to sunscreen

As modern city dwellers, it’s no secret that many of us are extremely conscious of our looks and health. Increasingly accessible with the multitude of options and information all around, most of us have by now settled on our individual preferences with regard to vanity and grooming routines. However, if there’s one thing that stands out, it’s how most of us tend to forgo regular protection against the sun’s UV rays.

Now, you’ll have no excuse to miss out on sunscreen because Dr. Ora’s Aura White Ultra is an oral supplement that works from within. Not only does it protect your skin from harmful UV rays, it also improves your skin’s radiance and glow.


, Dr. Ora’s Aura White Ultra is the ideal go-to sunscreen


The formula contains a high concentration of 100% natural, nourishing ingredients, including L-Glutathione (torula yeast extract), vitamin C, crystal tomato extract, artichoke extract, grape seed extract, and more.

These combine to prevent the formation of melanin and pigmentation, increase glutathione content in the body for healthier skin, and help to fight against internal and external skin stressors to promote youthful skin. The Aura White Ultra is also free from preservatives, artificial flavouring, and colouring.


, Dr. Ora’s Aura White Ultra is the ideal go-to sunscreen


Perfect for busy metropolitans, the Aura White Ultra can be consumed directly from the sachet or simply mixed with. When taken daily, it’s been clinically proven to help improve your skin’s radiance within four weeks, reduce skin damage caused by UV rays, and lighten hyperpigmentation!

Dr. Ora’s Aura White Ultra is available exclusively on their website.


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