Enjoy a Japanese Springtime affair with Sakuraco’s new box

Blind boxes have never failed to cause a stir, especially when new collections are announced or special occasions arise. Garnering quite a following in recent years due to their appeal, whether as collectibles or perfect gift options with an added layer of unveiling excitement, they’ve made their way through various aspects of modern culture – now including food and snacks.

Founded with a vision to share and showcase authentic Japanese snacks with the rest of the world, TokyoTreat’s famous gift boxes saw the birth of their Sakuraco series, a monthly subscription box that aims to bring Japanese tea experiences to us.


, Enjoy a Japanese Springtime affair with Sakuraco’s new box


Put together by the same dedicated team behind their wildly popular snack boxes, Sakuraco brings us ever closer to the Land of The Rising Sun’s afternoon tea traditions with artisanal Japanese snacks, teas, and an exclusive Japanese tableware each month.

Welcoming Spring and their famed cherry blossoms this season, the Sakuraco team pays tribute to the arrival of the Sakura with a box specially curated to honour their Hanami culture – a Japanese tradition of admiring flowers while picnicking under the blooming trees.

Long revered as a time for laughter, reflection, renewal, and hope, bond with your loved ones this springtime and build memories that’ll last a lifetime with their exquisite Sakura box.


, Enjoy a Japanese Springtime affair with Sakuraco’s new box


Expect to find beautiful and delicate highlights such as the Sakura Warabimochi, Sakura Soft Chews, Sakura Konpeito, Sakura Senbei, Sakura Castella, and Sakura Donut Bou, alongside Sweet Sakura Tea and charming Sakura Springtime Dishes with this season’s box.

Subscribe now to enjoy a piece of Japanese culture and take advantage of their promotional prices.


To find out more, head over to Sakuraco’s website here.