Enjoy a taste of Japan from the comfort of home

Following the rise of blind boxes and mystery collections, a team of passionate people in Japan have come together to present us with the same thrill of receiving these boxes, this time filled with exclusive and uniquely Japanese treats. Following their founder’s vision to share Japanese snacks with people from around the world, the famous TokyoTreat was born. And for fans like us, there’s even more to rejoice in: Sakuraco is the team’s endeavour to deliver authentic Japanese tea experiences to us.


, Enjoy a taste of Japan from the comfort of home


Having sent millions of boxes to over 150 countries to date, TokyoTreat is a monthly subscription box that gives us a taste of modern life in Japan through a curation of the coolest Japanese snacks – in short, their latest, most exclusive, limited-edition, and seasonal snacks.

Discover more about Japanese pop culture with snack backstories and articles by the team as you enjoy those awesome snacks that are usually only available for a very limited time, and only in Japan. Not convinced? You’ll find flavours like Sakura Pepsi and Japanese Sake KitKats within your TokyoTreat boxes – definitely not flavours we find around here.


, Enjoy a taste of Japan from the comfort of home


Bringing us closer to the Japanese afternoon tea tradition, Sakuraco is also a monthly subscription box by the team. With Sakuraco, fans get to enjoy authentic and artisanal Japanese snacks, including Japanese teas, accompanied by a special Japanese tableware each month.

Known for their breathtaking mountains, waterfalls, and onsen, Sakuraco presents the Tochigi Tradition this month. In partnership with Tochigi’s local government, they bring us Tochigi’s local delicacies such as Tochigi Lemon Yokan and their specialty Strawberry Tiramisu Biscuit, alongside special sencha tea and a Furoshiki (wrapping cloth), the month’s featured tableware.

Showcasing true Japanese traditions through the products of small creators, Sakuraco highlights the work of local snack makers, forging long-term relationships with these artisans to bring forth their stories and dedication.

All curated and prepared in-house with love, snag a slice of Japanese life with TokyoTreat and Sakuraco!


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