Experience an escape through art with Singapore’s first Sip ‘n’ Paint concept

Ever wished you could take a break from the hustle bustle of our city life and get back in touch with the dreamer in you? Inviting all of us to chill over a fun session of food, drinks, and art with our friends and family, Paintblush announces Singapore’s first-ever Sip ‘n’ Paint experience.

A fun bonding opportunity for even the most amateur of artists, each 3-hour Sip ‘n’ Paint session is less about producing a stellar art piece, and really all about sipping on your favourite beverages with your posse while you navigate a canvas together, supported by a wide variety of reference images and an experienced art instructor offering step-by-step demonstrations.


, Experience an escape through art with Singapore’s first Sip ‘n’ Paint concept


A rare opportunity in Singapore, photography studio owner Ashley Low first experienced the concept’s uplifting and stress-relieving effects in Melbourne, where she then decided to bring it to Singaporeans – founding Paintblush with student entrepreneur, Teck Yong.

Dedicated to helping us achieve a reinvigorated state of emotions through art, Paintblush’s art jamming sessions allow individuals to create art together in a relaxed and fun environment without the daunting stress that often come about at traditional art jamming sessions. At Paintblush, you don’t have to worry about producing the perfect piece of art or feeling lost over how or where to start – they’ve got you.


, Experience an escape through art with Singapore’s first Sip ‘n’ Paint concept


With a goal to curate unique and engaging moments for Singaporeans from all walks of life, the vibrant concept takes a fresh leap forward as they present a whole new side of the local art scene for us to discover.

At their Sip ‘n’ Paint sessions, participants are even encouraged to bring along their favourite beverages to help them feel even more comfortable. The immersive experience blends art jamming and drinks with specially curated lists of great music playing in the background. You’ll also get to capture beautiful memories of you and your masterpiece with their professional photo-taking service and hand-painted backdrop.

For the more adventurous, other experiences available at Paintblush include their Non-guided Art Jam and Soft-guided Art Jam sessions.


To plan your next session or find out more, head over to Paintblush’s website here.