Get in the Halloween mood with Marks & Spencer

When we think of British retailers in Singapore, it’s arguable that not many can come close to the popularity and reach that Marks & Spencer has here. And with the ongoing festivities all around as we approach the end of year, everyone’s favourite retailer is back this month with a new spooktacular Halloween series that will have fans and guests alike screaming with delight.


, Get in the Halloween mood with Marks & Spencer


Stepping into any Marks & Spencer store, most of us would – of course – first and foremost head for their selection of treats and snacks. As their most popular offerings, the seasonal selection features frighteningly good gifts and sharing packs that’ll definitely an impression at any Halloween gathering.

There’s the Super Sour Spiders Candy, spooky glow-in-the-dark Haunted Halloween All Butter Biscuit Light Up House, and altogether freaky Eerie Eyeballs for that gory touch. But don’t worry, these Eerie Eyeballs – with hand-decorated white chocolate and a raspberry centre – are as indulgent as they are mind-blowing.

For more options, look out for the Colin Caterpillar Risky Roulette with bursts of sweet or  sour surprises, and the Spooky Omball Chocopops that contain a twist of toffee within.


, Get in the Halloween mood with Marks & Spencer


Looking to decorate? Marks & Spencer has just what you’d need with a wide selection of pumpkins this year, ranging from Wicked, Spooky, and Munchkin Pumpkins, to eye-catching Lantern and Porcelain Pumpkins. You can even get into the mood with your loved ones with the handy 7 Piece Pumpkin Carving Kit where you can carve your own spooky décor.

Other highlights in store include Ghosts and Spiders String Lights, an iconic Percy Pig Halloween Hanging Plush, and the elegant Light Up Gold Halloween Squash Decoration and Light Up Silver Halloween Squash Decoration.


Head over to any of their stores island-wide now to check them out.


For more information, visit Marks & Spencer’s website here.